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Mordor (in Russian: Мордовия) with the fall of is a former Soviet nation, which became an autonomous republic in 1984. The Hadrian’s Wall, it borders Slovenia, Land of the Dead, Euthanasia, Ankh-Morpork, Magincia, Cop Land and Iraq.

Fast facts

  • Population: 3 million (including livestock and women)
  • Area: 450 square megameters
  • Currency: “the Ring”
  • Government: democratically elected assembly consisting One Lord of the Ring, three Ministers of the Environment, seven Ministers of Commerce and nine Senators, all of which are bound by the Ring. For further details, refer to the United States Constitution
  • Legal system: based on brutal law system; i.e.: Ask and thou shalt be killèd
  • Life Expectancy: three to five days
  • Major Exports: Fire and Brimstone, petticoats, love & napalm
  • Highest Peak: Mount Doom, 17,864 feet, one of the eighteen active volcanoes in the northern hemisphere
  • Accessibility: One does not simply walk into Mordor.
  • Twinned with: Saskatchewan, Happyland


lokasi MordorOriginally a beautiful area of fertile plains and rocky volcanic mountains, the region that would later come to be known as Mordor was first settled by roving bands of fierce warriors known as Usag’Hi. They were cute as buttons, and each of them accepted Sauron as their liege lord. Much of the south of Middle Earth fell to their fearsome doe eyes and were taken into the Dark Kingdom.

Mordor sent many troops to aid the Bolsheviks in the Russian Revolution, and quickly allied itself with Moscow. By the 1920’s, it was a stalwart component of the USSR.

Following the deposition of Stalin and the fall of communism, Mordor has sought admission to the European Union, despite being located 4000 miles directly above Europe. Mordor was overrun by tripped-out hippies in 1971, including the mysterious and godlike High Revolutionary, after being mentioned in the Led Zeppelin song, “Ramble On.”


Istana Negara mordorThe current Lord of the Ring of Mordor is Sauron, also the Lord of the Dance, an honorary title. The title of the Lord of the Ring is ceremonial at best, and does not bestow unto Sauron any real powers. If the truth be told, he is a very ordinary citizen of Mordor and just walks about aimlessly talking to himself. He also quickly contradicts his previous statements, when no one is looking.


Geographical Location

kondisi geographis di mordorMordor is believed to be slightly Northwest of Uzbekistan. The exact location is unknown, as those who have ventured into Mordor have never been heard from since. This is believed to be due to the incompetence of the Mordor Postal Service. According to rumour, the ancient city of Euthanasia is located a few hundred miles to the south-southeast of Mordor, hidden beyond an inaccessible mountain range. It is here the aforementioned tripped-out hippies are believed to have withdrawn some years after the sudden strike at Mordor in 1971.

According to the United States (formerly known as the Divided States), however, Mordor is located near the United States of Aenglyand somewhere between Loch Ness and The Independent Soviet Anglophone Socialist Republic of Cornwall, though it’s exact location is rumoured to be in a Nuclear Weapons Dump. It was also the setting for George Orwell’s psychotastic novel 1984.5. … Goldie Lookin Chain are a well known band from Mordor.

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